Dinner Menu

Peking Duck
Chinese Specialties
C9: Sea Cucumber w. Shrimp Row
Braised sea cucumber w. shrimp roe.
C2: Braised Pork
Braised pork in dark sauce adorned w. vegetable (w. skin & bone)
$22.25 C10: Sauteed Zucchini
Sauteed chinese zucchini w. gluten.
C3: Stewed Pork
w. Dried Cabbage
$15.25 C11: Sauteed Zucchini w. Dried Shrimps
Sauteed Chinese Zucchini w. dried shrimps.
C4: Shredded Pork w. Bean Curd *
sauteed shredded pork w. sliced dried bean curd & pepper.
$16.25 C12: Steamed Ham Buns
Steamed sliced ham w. honey sauce & steamed bread.
C5: Shredded Pork w. Salted Cabbage
sauteed shredded pork w. bean sheet salted cabbage & beans.
$16.25 C13: Soup Casserole
Assorted soup served in a casserole.
C6: Shanghai Shrimp
Sauteed shrimps shanghai style (in shell).
$20.25 C14: Chinese Cabbage
Sauteed chinese cabbage.
C7: Salt & Pepper Shrimp
Fried shrimp w. salt & pepper (in shell).
$20.25 C15: Chinese Cabbage w. Black Mushrooms
Chinese cabbage w. black mushrooms.
C8: Sea Cucumber w. Black Mushrooms
Braised sea cucumber w. blank mushrooms.
$36.00 C16: Fried Bean Curd *
Deep fried bean curd sauteed w. black mushrooms, sliced pork & bamboo shoots in brown sauce.
* = Hot & Spicy. Prices based on in-house dining. Take-out prices may differ.
House Specialties
S1: Live Lobster w. Ginger & Scallion Seasonal Price S12: House Triple Delight
Sliced pork, chicken and shrimp sauteed w. green scallions in brown sauce.
S2: Grand Marnier Prawns
Crispy jumbo prawns w. mayonnaise fruit sauce.
$25.50 S13: Rack of Lamb Peking Style
Lamb chops flash fried & glazed w. Peking sweet and sour sauce.
S3: Sizzling Prawns
Prawns w. pepper and onion in a sizzling plate w. garlic sauce.
$25.50 S14: Sizzling Rack of Lamb *
Lamb chops flash fried garnished w. pepper and onion served in a sizzling plate w. black pepper sauce.
S4: Prawns Peking Style *
Prawns breaded and deep fried in chili sauce.
$21.75 ib eye steak w. special sauce adorned w. Chinese broccoli. $24.50
S5: Fried Flounder
Deep fried whole flounder.
Seasonal Price S16: Steak w. Black Pepper *
sauteed rib eye steak w. black pepper spicy sauce adorned w. broccoli.
S6: Crispy Fish w. Hot Sauce *
Whole sea bass or red snapper deep fried w. hot spicy sauce.
Seasonal Price S17: Beef w. Orange Flavor *
Deep fried beef w. baby corn in a special sauce.
S7: Fried Scallops
Scallop deep fried w. salt and pepper.
$22.75 S18: Crispy Beef w. Spicy Sauce *
Deep fried shredded beef w. sliced celery & carrot in hot sauce.
S8: Ma LA Scallops *
Sauteed scallops w. Ma-la sauce adorned w. broccoli.
$22.75 S19: Pork Chop Peking Style
Pork chop deep fried w. house special sauce.
S9: Beef w. Scallops
Sliced beef and scallops w. brown sauce served in a sizzling plate.
$20.75 S20: Chicken w. Orange Flavor *
Crispy white chicken meat w. baby corn in special hot sauce.
S10: Fried Squid
Squid deep fried w. salt and pepper.
$20.75 S21: Ma La Chicken *
Sauteed shredded white chicken meat w. pepper, scallion & baby corn in Szechuan special pepper sauce.
S11: Seafood Triple Delight
sauteed scallops, shrimp, and fish fillet in a white sauce.
$20.75 S22: General Tso’s Chicken *
Chunks of spring chicken marinated & sauteed w. red pepper in our special tangy sauce.
* = Hot & Spicy. Prices based on in-house dining. Take-out prices may differ.
Chef Specialities
A1: Chopped duck meat w. pine nuts served on a bed of fresh lettuce. $12.95
A2: Chopped chicken w. pine nuts served on a bed of fresh lettuce. $11.95
A3: Deep fried prawns breaded w. special flour. $11.25
Cold Appetizers Hot Appetizers Soups
A4: Cold Noodle w. Sesame Sauce $6.25 A11: Steamed Pork Buns (8) $7.25
A5: Spiced Beef $8.50 A12: Steamed Chicken Dumplings (8) $7.25 T2: Wonton Soup $7.95
A6: Sliced Jelly Fish $8.95 A13: Steamed Pork Dumplings (8) $7.25 T3: Hot and Sour Soup * $7.95
A7: Vegetarian Duck $8.50 A14: Fried Spring Roll (2) $4.50 T4: Egg Drop Soup $7.95
A8: Boneless Duck Feet $8.50 A15: Fried Spare Ribs w. Honey $13.25 T5: Chicken & Corn Soup $7.95
A9: Spicy White Cabbage * $8.50 A16: Assorted Meat and Vegetable w. Tiensin Mung Bean Sheets * $16.25 T6: Vegetable Soup $7.95
A10: Smoked Fish w. Bone $8.50 A17: Fried Pork Dumplings (8) $7.25 T7: Shrimp w. Sizzling Rice Soup $7.95
A18: Steamed Vegetable Dumplings (8) $7.25 T8: Assorted Sizzling Rice Soup $7.95
A19: Scallion Pancakes (2) $4.50 T9: Seafood w. Bean Curd Soup $7.95
A20: Barbequed Beef (6) $10.75
* = Hot & Spicy. Prices based on in-house dining. Take-out prices may differ.
Chicken Beef Pork
S44: Sesame Chicken $17.50 S36: Beef w. Oyster Sauce $17.75 S41: Moo-Shu Pork $15.95
S45: Chicken w. Broccoli $16.25 S37: Beef w. Snow Peas $17.75 S42: Sweet & Sour Pork $15.95
S46: Chicken w. Snow Peas $16.25 S38: Sliced Beef Sauteed w. Green Scallions $17.75 S43: Pork Chop w. 5 Spice Flavors $15.95
S47: Chicken w. Cashew Nuts $16.25 S39: Beef w. Broccoli $17.75
S48: Chicken w. Walnuts $16.25 S40: Beef w. Garlic Sauce $17.75
S49: Chicken w. Peanuts $16.25
S50: Lemon Chicken $15.95
S51: Sauteed Duck Meat $15.95
S53: Crispy Duck $18.75
* = Hot & Spicy. Prices based on in-house dining. Take-out prices may differ.
Seafood Vegetables
S23: Live Lobster in Hot Sauce * Seasonal Price V1: Sauteed String Beans w. MInced Pork $12.95
S24: Prawns w. Hot Spicy Sauce * $21.75 V2: Sauteed Broccoli $11.85
S25: Crspy Prawns w. Ginger $21.75 V3: Bean Curd w. Minced Beef in Hot Sauce * $12.95
S26: Shrimp in Lobster sauce $21.75 V4: Sauteed Snow Peas & Water chestnuts $12.75
S27: Shrimp w. Ginger & Scallions $21.75 V5: Eggplant in Garlic Sauce w. Minced Pork * $12.95
S28: Sauteed Baby Shrimp $18.00 V6: Sauteed Mixed Vegetables $12.75
S29: Steamed Flounder Seasonal Price V7: Bean Curd in Brown Sauce $12.75
S30: Steamed Sea Bass Seasonal Price V8: Sauteed Spinach w. Garlic Sauce $12.75
S31: Sweet & Sour Sea Bass Seasonal Price V9: Chinese Broccoli w. Oyster Sauce $12.75
S32: Crispy Fish Fillet $20.75
S33: Scallops in Garlic Sauce * $20.25
S34: Kung Pao Squid * $20.25
S35: Squid w. Black Bean Sauce $20.25
* = Hot & Spicy. Prices based on in-house dining. Take-out prices may differ.
Noodles & Rice
Pan Fried Noodles Homemade Noodles Lo-Mein, Fried Rice
N1: w. pork, chicken, beef or vegetable. $11.75 N4: w. pork, chicken, beef or vegetable. $12.50 N7: w. pork, chicken, beef or vegetable. $9.75
N2: w. shrimp or assorted $12.75 N5: w. shrimp or assorted $12.75 N8: w. shrimp or assorted $10.75
N3: w. seafood $14.75 N6: w. seafood $14.75 N9: w. seafood $11.75
N10: w. Minced pork & bean sauce. $8.50
N11: Pancake $0.75
N12: Plain Bun $0.85
Dessert Beverages
Y1: Fried Banana w. Walnuts (2) $7.00 Soda $3.00
Y2: Lichee Nuts $4.50 Perrier $3.50
Y3: Pineapple $4.50 Bottle Water $4.50
Y4: Fried Red Bean Paste Cake. $7.75
Y5: Eight Treasure Rice Pudding $7.75

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