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The Wall Street Journal, New York Food
If you’re walking down Mott Street during the evening and happen to spot someone sporting a large bag of bottles, the odds are good it’s a famous winemaker, sommelier or wine collector on his or her way to Peking Duck House (No. 28). This Chinatown mainstay has long been a favorite among oenophiles—both for its generous corkage policy (free for all) as well as for its duck. read more…
NY Eater
Walking down Canal St. and the various side streets that make up New York’s Chinatown and your eyes will fall upon many a fish market, trinket shop and restaurant, many of which have rows of golden brown birds dangling from hooks behind the window, a butcher’s block and cleaver not far away. It is likely said birds are Peking ducks. The Peking duck is a Chinese specialty, a preparation which many restaurants in Chinatown replicate, but few have perfected the way Chef Wu of Peking Duck House has—he’s been making them since we was 16. Chef Wu gave Eater the play-by-play as to how his famed Peking Ducks get made. Click to see how it’s done…